Excerpt from Towards Explainable, Fine-Grain Online Sexism Classification
15 Apr 2023
Methods to identify and classify sexist language online, using machine learning models like Gaussian Naive Bayes, bi-LSTM, and Transformer-based models. It achieved notable results with the RoBERTa-large model, placing in the top 10% for a specific task (SemEval-2023). The study...
Explainable Detection
Fine-grained Category of Sexism
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Excerpt from Finite-Difference Methods - Part2
05 Jan 2021
Consistency, Stability, and Convergence Numerical fluid solvers are sensitive tools. Predicting the chaotic behavior of a fluid is not trivial. That is why a good numerical methods requires consistency, stability, and convergence. The scheme is consistent if the error between...
Fourier Analysis
Numerical Methods
Von Neumann
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Excerpt from Finite-Difference Methods - Part1
29 Dec 2020
Modified Equation Analysis on the Lax-Friedrichs Method In the finite-difference method, our goal is to approximate a partial differential equation so that we can march the conserved variables in time. Today we’ll check out the Lax-Friedrischs scheme. Also known as...
Numerical Methods
Computational Fluid Dynamics
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Amid Organized Chaos
26 Dec 2020
Fundamental research in turbulence is hard. It requires a good understanding of applied mathematics and a firm grasp of the physical phenomena into the dynamics of fluids. The closure problem to the Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) motivated leading experts to...
TKE Transport Equation
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